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Free Printable World Map with Latitude and Longitude

A World map with latitude and longitude will help you to locate and understand the imaginary lines forming across the globe. Longitudes are the vertical curved lines on both sides and curves facing the Prime Meridian, these lines intersect at the north and south poles. Latitudes are the horizontal straight line around the globe on both sides of the equator.

Framework formed with the combination of latitudes and longitudes helps us to locate the position of any place geographically. The places anywhere all around the globe east, west, north, and south can be easily located and described with help of this formed grid.

World Map with Latitude and Longitude

map of world with latitude and longitude


By drawing no of latitudes and longitudes all over the globe a grid is formed which is helpful to find out the position of any location referring to the equator and prime meridian. For example, a point described as 50° N, 20° W, for example, is located 50° of arc north of the Equator and 20° of arc west of the Greenwich meridian.

Map of World with Latitude and Longitude

world map with latitude and longitude


Latitudes and longitudes are helpful in earth geographical coordination and also helps in measuring the distance of any particular location from the center of the earth. Degrees (°) and minutes (′) are used to measure them. The Equator lies on the 0° latitude meanwhile the prime meridian lies on the 0° longitudes. From the prime meridian moving towards east or west the location varies from 0° to 180°. Greenwich is the term also used for 0° longitude i.e, Prime Meridian.

World Map with Latitude

world map with latitude longitude


North and south positions of any location on both sides of the equator are measured with help of latitudes. Geocentric, astronomical, and geographic are the 3 kinds of latitudes. The greatest possible latitude is 90° north to 90° south as all latitudes are parallel to the equator. These latitudes form Tropical climate zones, south polar region and north polar regions.

World Map with Longitude

world map with longitude


Prime meridian east or west is measured with help of longitude at the Greenwich. These imaginary lines passes from one point at both poles and a middle line (prime meridian) from the Greenwich of London, Uk. On both sides of the prime meridian east and west are measured up to 180°. These lines intersect the equator at the right angle (90°) and farthest at the equator and meets at poles.