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Free Printable World Map with Hemispheres in PDF

Go through this article for a World map with the hemisphere. If you will draw a circle around the earth dividing it into 2 equal parts is a hemisphere. In this way, there are 4 hemispheres: Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. Prime Meridian and the equator are the base to the division of the hemisphere. Longitudes and latitudes can also be the base of the division of the hemisphere. These maps are easy to download and use further for locating and analyzing the hemisphere.

World Map with Hemispheres

Map of World with Hemispheres


The Equator which lies at 0-degree latitude divides the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. These 2 hemispheres vary in the seasons because the earth is tilted towards the axis and away from the sun.  In the Southern hemisphere, June to September months belong to summers meanwhile in the Northern hemisphere December to March.

Map of World with Hemisphere

World Map with Hemisphere


Same as the latitudes, longitudes also divide the earth into 2 other hemispheres Eastern and Western. The prime meridian is the 0-degree longitude and the 180-degree longitude International Dateline is the basis of this hemisphere division. The Tropic of Capricorn lies in the southern hemisphere and the Tropic of cancer lies in the Northern Hemisphere. Many Geographers called the Eastern Hemisphere “Old World,” and the Western Hemisphere “New World.”

World Map with Hemispheres pdf:

World Map with Hemispheres pdf


Eastern Hemisphere: Asia also termed Oceania, Africa, Half of Antarctica, and most parts of Europe.

Western Hemisphere: Antarctica, North and South America including the Caribbean, Green land, and Central Asia.

Northern Hemisphere: North America, Northern side of South America, @/3 Africa, Asia except Indonesia and all Europe.

Southern Hemisphere: South America, 1/3 Africa, Indonesia, and Australia.

Blank Map of World with Hemispheres

Map of World with Hemispheres


In the race of global warming, the Northern Hemisphere is warming faster than the Southern Hemisphere. In the Arctic region, sea and land ice is shrinking and thinning very fastly. In the coming decades due to the effect of greenhouses and gas emission, it will increase fastly. In every hemisphere, the climatic zone changes due to which the climate changes in every country or the parts lying in the particular hemisphere.

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