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7 Free 3D World Map Satellite View with Countries

The world map is a very large area to be explored, and this exploration often remains just a dream for many people due to the limited sources and other natural limitations. If we go back to a decade and a half, there was no internet connection, and things were much different from today.
After the invention of the Internet, the Globalization factor picked up the pace, and today, with the Internet technology, the dimension of the world is getting shrunk. The Internet gave birth to so many things used today to serve humanity.

World Map Satellite

In this article, we will talk about one of such Internet connectivity-based innovations that shrunk the dimensions of the world to the most minimal scale and provided the world with the unbelievable ability to explore the world in every possible direction and size. Yes, in this article, we will discuss the world map satellite view.

A printable world map, in the simple term, is nothing but a representation of the world’s map on paper or a big chart so that the geographical aspects of the world can be seen. But how about if you have to go through every part of the world’s map precisely at the right places as shown in the world map satellite view? That seems to be an impossible and never tried task, and it indeed, it is; if you try to step out and explore the world, having the world map in your hands. Be assured that this world map will guide you to the right places at the right time.
Well, that’s where the world map satellite view comes into the role and serves your purpose. A world satellite map is different from the standard world map, where you can only trace the geographical location of the particular continent and the countries; when it comes to physically explore the geographical areas of the world by reaching out to such places, the physical world map will fail at serving your purpose.

World Map Satellite View

A world map satellite view is a modern way of locating places across the local and remote areas of the planet. A satellite map view is different from the standard map view. The satellite view covers the map view of the world with the help of an Internet-enabled connection.

In the satellite view of the world map, such as the Google Earth satellite, a satellite is located at the top and the earth’s outer layer. These satellites cover the view of the whole earth from one country to the other and from one remote place to the other.
With the help of the satellite view, which works digitally on your phone or computer devices, you can see and track the actual time and location of the earth. You can also share such a place with your friends or family at the tip of your finger.

3D Satellite World Map

 World Map Satellite View
Like any other thing or trend, technology also has an evolution process. In the above section, we discussed the world map satellite view, and now this section is about how the world map satellite view technology evolved.
Now, we know that the satellite view of the world map works digitally on the computer or the mobile devices and the very first satellite which was launched for the world map view was an essential and straightforward technology-based innovation, which used to provide, the low graphical dimensions view of the world map.
Today’s world map technology is known as 3D technology, which stands for the third dimension motion quality. In the 3D quality, the dimensions of the pictures the satellite map shows are deeper. Due to that, the view of this satellite seems to be more realistic and excellent. It also gives enhanced quality while exploring the geographical locations of the world.

Satellite World Map with Countries

In the above section, we talked about the derivation of the satellite world map view and how it differs from the standard world map view, and we also talked about that The satellite view of the world map covers all of the earth’s surface. In this section, we are going to extend the same discussion further.
Satellite World Map with Countries
The satellite view of the world’s map covers all the surface area of the earth, and all the geographical regions can be easily seen or traced with the help of this satellite view map. Along with that, if you are living in a particular country and want the geographical statistics of such land, then this satellite view of the map serves that purpose as well.
You will be required to enter the country’s name for which you want to see the map’s satellite view. After that, the view of that particular country will be before you, and you can easily have a look over this view, track your way and guide yourself in any direction with the help of this satellite map country view.

Real-Time Satellite Map

3D Satellite World Map
We have discussed the satellite view technology for the world map, how it works and its significance. The satellite view that we discussed above was a non-accurate time view, which means that the idea or the geographical locations are set or fixed in the satellite view already. When you ask these satellites for the areas, they will show you the predefined dimensions of the site.
Other than this, there is another view that a satellite can offer to its users, known as the real-time satellite view. In the real-time satellite view, the users can see the live satellite view of the things or the activities happening on the earth as they occur. This is the most advanced technology which has not been fully evolved yet, but it’s in the process, and some satellite like Google earth may offer some limited views as soon as it is launched

World Map Satellite Maps To Have a Nostalgic View of the Earth

Google World map satellite view

Real Time Satellite Map
As we know that Google is the most powerful search engine in the world today, and it dominates the earth. There is no niche that Google hasn’t reached, so when it comes to the satellite view of the world map, Google satellite maps also holds its advanced move in that.
Google world map satellite

Google had already launched its satellite with the name Google earth, which people across the globe are using. This Google earth satellite enables the users to see the world map and also helps in guiding them from one place to the other. In simpler terms, where the human can’t reach, the Google satellite can. You can also share the actual time location with the help of the Google Earth satellite view.
Google Maps is the most comprehensive tool for viewing satellite maps. It’s evolved, and so have its characteristics:

  • It has panoramic street views.
  • Its three-dimensional vistas are ridiculous.
  • And practically everyone’s favorite: using the solid addressing system to locate their home.

The nice thing about Google Maps is that it is updated daily. It isn’t easy to find imagery that’s older than three years. The only disadvantage is that you only get one snapshot at a time. This is where Google Earth Pro comes into play…

  • Google Earth Pro – Is the imagery in Google Maps and Google Earth Pro the same? The answer is that they are different from each one another. In Google Earth Pro’s historical timeline, you can go back in time. That way, you can explore past satellite maps for any location on the planet interactively. This was previously a paid feature. However, it is now fully accessible. So, if you want to see imagery that looks like time capsules, Google Earth Pro is the way to go.
  • NASA Worldview – We are all familiar with the appearance of the Earth. But how does it appear right now? Worldview is a NASA project that attempts to give real-time imagery. That is, Earth as it is “at the moment.” However, there’s more: Over 800 layers of satellite imagery are displayed. And most only have a three-hour time difference.
  • Mapbox – This satellite map is quickly becoming one of the most popular. It’s because Mapbox strives for clarity by removing clutter. To begin, go to Mapbox. Then, switch to the satellite view. You’ll view high-resolution satellite maps when you zoom in. It features imagery from several of the most well-known commercial satellites, including Digital Globe.
  • Esri World Imagery – Esri assembles imagery from more than 300 contributors around the world. What’s the result? One of the most influential and up-to-date base maps is a globe imagery layer. You can view satellite maps down to 3cm in pixels quickly and effectively. That’s about the size of a stone!
  • Esri Wayback Atlas – It’s like stepping inside a time machine with Esri’s Way Back Atlas. Similar to Google Earth Pro, you can pick and choose from historical satellite maps. However, this atlas conceals a plethora of information. New York, for example, has over a hundred satellite maps dating back to 2014. The World Imagery layer from Esri is the best satellite map available… However, Esri’s Way Back Atlas puts you in control of what’s “best accessible.”
  • Bing Maps – Bing Maps is a tool that should never be overlooked. Bing’s street views are limited, and unlike Google Maps, it lacks oblique views. Bing Maps, on the other hand, continues to deliver imagery over 10 TB. While some footage may be several years old, populated regions receive regular updates.
  • Here Maps – Here focuses on navigation, traffic patterns, and self-driving cars. However, as part of its platform, it provides drivers with satellite maps. When you visit Here, the first thing you’ll notice is its clean design. You can explore a variety of satellite maps as you move around.
  • Planet Explorer – Planet Explorer is a satellite map treasure trove. This is because it displays satellite maps from over 120 microsatellites. However, at 2.5 m resolution, you receive virtually daily updates. There’s only one catch: you’ll need to create an account first. For the first 15 days, it’s completely free. However, you will have to pay after that.
  • MapQuest – When you visit MapQuest, you’ll feel a wave of nostalgia. Yes, that is a map attempting to sell you a hotel. But it’s not all bad: MapQuest uses TomTom services to provide you with many visuals. In the 1990s, MapQuest was quite popular. Indeed, it’s not much of a map. Unless you’re on a “Quest” seeking a more accurate “Map.”
  • Yahoo! Maps – Yahoo! Maps is a satellite map equivalent of Hall Mary. In truth, it hasn’t been active since 2015. Yahoo had a solid eight-year run. Despite this, they haven’t turned it off. In some ways, its satellite maps lag behind those of its competitors. It lacks 3D, street views, and imaging upgrades, for example.
  • MDA NaturalVue – MDA NaturalVue has a 15-meter resolution for a crude picture of the Earth. To give you an idea of what that entails, consider the following: To begin, locate a soccer field on the map. Then count how many pixels there are. It’s so coarse that you won’t even be able to discern the center area if you measure 20. NaturalVue is, without a doubt, an old program. It’s even a little bit of a gamble. However, if you’re searching for continuous world Maps, it’s a definite hit. URL URL
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