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Free Printable Map of Switzerland with Cities PDF Download

Switzerland is a country name famous worldwide as a honeymoon country. This free printable Map of Switzerland with cities provides you with new knowledge that you have not learnt about this country. It will be beneficial for you.  More can be seen in the printable world map.

Free Printable Map of Switzerland with Cities

Switzerland is famous worldwide for its weather and natural beauty. Perhaps you like this country or would like to visit it soon; this map of Switzerland, showing cantons will improve your knowledge.

Switzerland map with top cities | World Map With Countries

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Cities of Switzerland

Switzerland originally came from Switzer, used from the 16th through 19th Centuries to describe Swiss people. The country has a direct democracy and federalism form of government and is one of the most developed countries in the world. The Swiss have one of the highest standards of living anywhere as well. Its GDP per capita ranks eighth highest globally and has more millionaires than anywhere in Europe. Tourism, insurance, international organizations, and banking drive its robust economy. Exports of watches, machines, chemicals, and electronics also it an edge. According to Mercer, the cities of Zurich and Geneva are two of the most livable Swiss towns in the world. Its population was around 8,341,000 Swiss citizens as of 2014.  More can be seen in the free printable map of Switzerland with cities above.

  • Zurich: The banking capital and picturesque city of Zurich is the most populated city in the Alpine nation of Switzerland. Its population of 366,445 Swiss people enjoy the best culture, shopping, and cuisine.
  • Geneva: Geneva is the second most populated city, with 177,500 French-speaking Swiss citizens. The city is also a banking center but is most known as the center for diplomacy with many UN agencies. Its architectural inventory is part of the Swiss Heritage Sites.
  • Basel: Basel is the third most populous city, with 165,000 German-speaking Swiss as of 2016. Its economy is centered around banking and chemical manufacturing.
  • Bern: Fourth is Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage site with a population of 140,228. Its attractions are Bear Park, museums, gardens, and old town.
  • Lausanne: Fifth is Lausanne, with a population of 129,273. Its French-speaking population has enjoyed the city’s status as Olympic Capital since 1994, where the International Olympic Committee is based.
  • Switzerland: Swiss cities are mainly located on the Swiss plateau near ski resorts and nature. The country has bountiful plains and hilly terrain dotted with large Alpine lakes. Climate is varied, with Mediterranean cool in the country’s southern tip. Warm, humid summers with rainfall favoring grazing land and pastures, temperate winters in the glacial mountainous regions, and low-light winters in the lowlands. Switzerland has significant transportation hubs, but Zurich International Airport is one of the busiest today, with railway connections to Basel, Geneva, and Zurich.


Political Map of Switzerland

Switzerland country is another name for a honeymoon country. Do you like this country and wish to increase your knowledge of it? Download this free political Switzerland map free of cost?  You may see more in the free printable map of Switzerland with cities above.
Political Map of Switzerland


Languages of Switzerland

Switzerland is a multilingual country with four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.
Each language is predominant in different regions known as cantons. German is the most widely spoken language, used in 17 cantons and by about 63% of the population. Swiss German, a dialect, is common in verbal communication, while High German is used in writing. French is spoken in the Romandy region, accounting for about 23% of the population. In the past, Franco-Provencal was native to this region.
Italian is spoken by 8.4% of the population, mainly in the canton of Ticino.
Romansh, an ancient language, is used by a small percentage of the population, primarily in the canton of Graubünden.
Although not an official language, English is also widely spoken due to its international importance. URL URL
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