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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Benin in PDF

Benin a small country in Western Africa, know more about it with the given map of Benin in PDF. Benin acquires a total area of 114663 square km, with a total population of 11,800,800. It has fon, Adja, Yoruba, and Fula are the ethnic groups. It has french as the official Language with Fon, Yoruba, Bariba.

Blank Map of Benin

Blank Map of Benin


The country is bordered by 4 countries Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Nigeria with the Gulf of Guinea to the south just below the Sahara Line in West Africa.

Porto-Novo is the capital of the country which is a Portuguese word. French is used as an official language in the country. They have a piece of disputed land on the north side of the country near town Porga with Burkina Faso.

Benin Map with States:

Benin Map with States


It is a low elevated country with the mostly plain landscape. The north side of the country is a little sloppy until the Atakora mountain range and the borderline of Togo. The peak of Mount Sokbaro is the highest elevation of the country with a height of 2,200 feet.

Niger river with the tributaries the Mékrou, Alibori, and Sota provides a drainage system to the Benin country in the northeastern part.

Labeled Map of Benin:

Labeled Map of Benin


The total area of Benin is divided into 4 parts firstly, the low-lying sandy coast which connects the ocean with marshes and lagoons. Secondly, the plateaus where valleys, rivers, eco-regions, and other natural preserves are found.

Thirdly, the flatlands have dry savannas and rocky hills, and then lastly the northern Atakora mountain region with the elevations. The climate of the south is very hot and humid also attracts rainfall.

Printable Map of Benin:

Printable Map of Benin


Most of the necessities, manufactural goods, machinery, chemicals, beverages, and tobacco, also a few kinds of cereal. India, Thailand, and France are the main importers. All the detailed studies about geographical, physical, political can be done with the help of given free printable maps.

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