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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Austria in PDF

With the given Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Austria in PDF get to know about the country which is a heritage in Europe. The given maps can be very useful for your studies and research. Download these maps and take out the prints. The given maps can be used for your practice and analyzing the geographical studies.

Blank Map of Austria:

Blank Map of Austria


The entire country is extended in 580 km east to west and bordered by the Czech Republic from the north, Slovakia from the northeast, Hungry from the east, Slovenia from the south, Italy from the southwest, Switzerland and Liechtenstein by the west, and Germany from the northwest.

Austria Map with States:

Austria Map with States


The landscape of the country is filled with mountains and forest. It is also known for the old stone churches which are century-old, cities, opera houses, beautiful and magnificent monuments, and multi-story spaces which are getting used for the business offices.

Labeled Map of Austria:

Labeled Map of Austria


90% of the population from the total population of 8.5 million is Austrian and the remaining 10% are German, Hungarian, Serbian, also Turkish people who have immigrated in the last few decades.

In the western part, the Grossglockner with 3,798 meters is the highest elevation point and is situated in the Alpine landscape which provides a geologic and topographical pattern to the country. River Danube is the longest river in Austria to provide drainage to the country with a length of 2,857 km and runs across 9 other countries.

Printable Map of Austria:

Printable Map of Austria


The southeastern part of Europe and the slopes of the Alps provide varying climatic zones. The temperature in hilly eastern regions varies from −1 °C to 20 °C moving from Jan to July.

German is the first language of the country and other languages as Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Turkish are also used. The majority of people are Christian and small groups of Roman Catholicism, Orthodox and Protestants are also there. Instead, it is a very mountainous country still the majority of people live in cities.

Use this given information and the maps for your knowledge. The printable maps are easy to use as you can take print of it and use them later. The maps are important to understand the exact geographical state URL URL
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