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This is about Map of Algeria a Muslim country of North Africa. Get printable, labeled, map in pdf format of Algeria and use it accordingly. These maps are good in quality and you can use them again after printing once.

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Algeria is spread from the mediterranean sea to the southward part of the Sahara desert, but most people live near the coastal area. The Sahara desert is one of the most heated surfaces in the world and covers the 4/5th part of Algeria. This is the reason of the extreme climate of the country. A novelist from the country named Assia Djebar called it a dream of sand.

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Tunisia and Libya bound it from Algeria, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania from the South and Morocco and Western Sahara towards the west, and Mediterranean sea towards North.

Algeria is one of the largest countries in Africa and number 10th in the world. It is divided into two regions northern which is also called Tell and southern. The northern region is influenced by the Mediterranean and consists largely of the Atlas Mountains and the southernmost part is plain and entirely desert which is the western part of the Sahara desert.

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Labeled Map of Algeria


The Tell area contains two geologically young massifs, the Tell AtlasĀ (Atlas Tellien) and theĀ Saharan Atlas, high plateaus separates both of them.
The largest river providing drainage system to the country is the Chelif to cross tell atlas moving towards east-west and emerged sea east of Mostaganem. All the rivers in Algeria are very short and show a variation in the flowing pattern. Most part of the country follows the Mediterranean climate mainly in the coastal and northern mountain region.

Labeled Map of Algeria:

Algeria Map with States


One-fourth of the country is Arab and most of them are Amazigh descendants and from 1990 Arabic is the national language. Tobacco, olives, and other crops as are sorghum, millet, corn (maize), rye, and rice are cultivated. It is also a supplier of crude oil and at the same time, Ouenza and Djebel Onk are the important mining centers. URL URL
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