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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Philippines in PDF

Map of Philippines shows clearly that it is an island in Southeast Asia Maritime. On the east side the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea on the west, and the pacific ocean on the western side. Its nearby countries are Malasia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. These are also its maritime borders along with Japan and Palau.

Blank Map of Philippines:

Blank Map of Philippines


The Philippines are a group of almost 7,500 islands in which Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Leyte, Samar, Negros, and Panay are the main and important ones. Islands are grouped into three groups,  the Luzon group, the Visayas group, and the Mindanao.

Labeled Map of Philippines:

Labeled Map of Philippines


The nature of mostly Islands is volcanic, the Pacific Ring of Fire in the southeast Asian part is intense volcanic and filled with seismic activities. A submarine trench on the floor of the Philippine Sea is situated along its eastern side. The Galathea Depth is the deepest depths of the ocean with 34,580 feet.

The highest elevation is an active stratovolcano Mount Apo on the island Mindanao with a height of 9,692 ft. The total area is 300,000 square kilometers with a population of 108 million. Manila the capital of the country is situated on Luzon island which is densely populated. Highly spoken languages are Filipino and English.

Philippines Map with States:

Philippines Map with States


The country follows three seasons from March to May and it’s hot and dry and June to October is the rainy season. The best season is November to February to visit the island state. Filipinos is the term used for the ethical group of the Philippines. Four Fifth of the population of Filipinos is Roman Catholics.

Printable Map of Philippines:

Printable Map of Philippines


The Philippines is an agricultural country and its economy is based on free enterprise. Rice is a major stable grown in-country and is the largest producer of coconut and coconut products.

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