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Get to know about 34th largest state of United State, with this Map of Tennessee, having area of 41,217 square miles. You can learn road maps, reliefs, cities, of the state. It is important state in aspect of mineral production, coal, and nuclear power for the United States.

Printable Map of Tennessee

Tennessee is bounded with Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Georgia, Missouri. If you are looking to explore Tennessee then this map will help you. You can locate and find what ever information seeking for.


Printable Map of Tennessee Countries


Map of Tennessee with Cities

It has 95 counties and Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. A few other major cities in Tennessee are Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville and Murfreesboro. Its total population is 6,346,105.  Mississippi River is source of hydroelectric, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Chickamauga Shiloh, and Chattanooga National Military Parks are famous in the Tennessee.

Map of Tennessee Countries with Cities


Printable Map of Tennessee

Tennessee and Georgia are both beautiful states of the United States so if you are a geography student and have to gain knowledge about the country then these maps will help you. Most of the population is white of European descent.

Tennessee has a moderate climate in which elevation causes moving from east to west. 1/2 of the area is forested and dozens of animals are native to the country. The economy is based on agriculture, cotton, tobacco, and livestock for the principal cash products.

Map of Tennessee and Georgia


Maps are very helpful to know the physical and political structure of state. Hard woods with mapple, oak, and softwood with pine and cedar are harvested for lumber, pulp and other wooden goods. Tanneessee is leader of zinc production in United States, with these copper, silver, lead, and other metals also part of production. This state is also center of Nuclear Power station.

Map of Tanneessee


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