Tennessee Railroad Map

The Tennessee railroad map showcases the rail network in the state, including major rail lines, passenger rail services, and freight railroads. Some of the major railroads in Tennessee include Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation, and the Tennessee Valley Railroad.

Tennessee Railroad Map


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Norfolk Southern is a Class I freight railroad that operates throughout the southeastern United States, including Tennessee. It operates over 19,500 miles of track and serves major cities such as Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville. The company transports a variety of goods, including coal, chemicals, automotive products, and agricultural products.

CSX Transportation is another Class I freight railroad that operates in Tennessee. It operates over 21,000 miles of track in 23 states and the District of Columbia, including major cities in Tennessee such as Memphis and Nashville. The company transports a variety of goods, including chemicals, coal, intermodal containers, and agricultural products.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad is a heritage railway that operates in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee. It offers a variety of scenic excursions and special events, including train rides through the Tennessee Valley and trips to the Hiwassee River gorge. The railway is also a popular tourist attraction, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience the history of rail travel in the region.

There are also several regional and local railroads in Tennessee that serve specific industries and communities. Some of these railroads include the Nashville and Eastern Railroad, the Knoxville and Holston River Railroad, and the Memphis Terminal Railway. These railroads serve industries such as chemical production, automotive manufacturing, and agriculture, and play an important role in the state’s transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, Tennessee is also home to several intermodal facilities, which serve as important hubs for the movement of goods by rail, truck, and ship. Some of the largest intermodal facilities in the state include the Memphis Intermodal Terminal, the Nashville Intermodal Terminal, and the Chattanooga Intermodal Terminal. These facilities allow for the efficient transfer of goods between different modes of transportation and provide a crucial link in the supply chain for industries throughout the state and beyond.

The railroads of Tennessee also play a significant role in the state’s economy. The freight railroads alone generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and employ thousands of people in a variety of roles, from engineers and conductors to maintenance workers and support staff. The passenger rail services, such as the Tennessee Valley Railroad, bring in additional tourism dollars and help support local businesses.

In recent years, Tennessee has seen an increase in investment in its rail infrastructure, including the construction of new intermodal facilities and the expansion of existing rail lines. These investments help to ensure the continued growth and competitiveness of the state’s economy, providing businesses with access to reliable and efficient transportation services.

In conclusion, the railroads of Tennessee play a vital role in the state’s transportation infrastructure and economy. From major freight railroads to regional and local railroads, these rail services support a variety of industries and provide businesses with access to reliable and efficient transportation services. With continued investment in rail infrastructure, the railroads of Tennessee will continue to play an important role in the state’s economic growth and competitiveness for years to come.

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