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The south pole is the end of the earth axis at the north end in Antarctica by using the free world map with south pole it can be easily seen and understand. The south pole is the area at the south of the globe where the distance in between the longitude is the closest and then meets all lines at a point. These maps will help you to learn the location, position geographical existence of the south pole. The south pole is also referred to as the geographical south pole and terrestrial south pole.

Free World Map with South Pole


The south pole of the globe lies in the Antarctica continent and is only 100mt above sea level. All around the year, there is always a thick layer of ice of about 9000 feet which makes the south pole colder than the north pole. The warmest temperature recorded is -12.3°C. Unlike the north pole, the south pole is in reach of humans with aircraft as it is located on icy land.

Map of World with the South Pole


The south pole is one of the coldest places on earth with -82.8 degrees celsius with recorded temperature but still, the temperature at the Russian Vostok Research Station recorded the coldest at -89.2 degrees Celsius, which is 1300 km away from the south pole. The reason behind it is that the earth rotates on a tilted axis around the sun and the sun rays are extreme at the poles.

World Map with South Pole pdf


The September equinox is the time when the south pole has sunrise only once a year and sunset once in a March equinox every year. This causes the sunlight for the 6 months of summers and the darkness for the 6 months of winters. This factor of day and night is almost same for the both poles.

Printable World Map with the South Pole


The ecosystem of the south pole doesn’t allow any habitat to grow, too harsh for survival. Sometimes a sea bird species Skaus has been seen there. Whereas the nearest place East Antarctica or Maudlandia supports the life of lichen, moss, and organisms. Despite these facts during the 6 months of summers scientists stay there for experimental setup and research.

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