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Free Large World Map with 5 Oceans Printable

Check out the exact location of the Pacific Ocean and other oceans on the world map through the World map with Ocean. You can use the map as part of education so as to study the Pacific Ocean origins. We know the world map depicts the overall geography of the world, whether it’s the land surface or oceans. The map shows up the exact geographical location of the earth’s objects.

Map of World with Oceans


Our printable map is going to be very helpful for those, who want to have in-depth understanding of the Pacific Ocean. The map would display the boundaries of the Pacific Ocean along with its longitude/latitude.

World Map with Pacific Ocean


The Pacific Ocean is a well-known ocean of the world and it’s known for its length and depth. It’s world’s largest and deepest ocean, which extends from the Arctic Ocean to the Southern ocean. Further the boundaries of the Pacific Ocean go through the continents of Asian, Australian, and American continents.

World Map with Arctic Ocean


The earth contains about 71% of water and the Pacific Ocean contributes nearly 46% proportion of water in this quota. This is what defines the significance of this monster ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is so big in size that it alone takes away 1/3 of the earth’s total dimension in it. In other words the Pacific Ocean is larger than the total landmass of the earth. The ocean has its name as the Pacific due to the peaceful nature of its water.  It meets the Arctic Ocean in Northern Hemisphere and the Atlantic Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere.

World Map with Indian Ocean


The glory of the Pacific Ocean is literally never-ending even for the scientists. The maximum area of the ocean is yet to be explored by science.

World Map with Atlantic Ocean

Well, if you want to learn more about the Pacific Ocean then feel free to check our world map template. This world map template contains the specific Pacific Ocean geography for the enthusiasts.


With the world map of the Pacific Ocean, you can explore all the dimensions of the ocean. For instance, you can learn about the origin of the ocean and the boundaries where it flows through. In a similar manner, you can figure out the longitude of the ocean at its different locations.

World Map with Southern Ocean


Being the printable world map of the Pacific Ocean you can use it for any type of purpose. You can use it for your own learning or teach the kids about the geography of the Pacific in the schools.

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