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Free Printable World Map with Equator and Countries

World map with equator and countries is available here for the enthusiasts. The template of the map would provide insight into the equator and the countries. We know that in the world map we discover and learn the geography of the world. Equator is one of the most important elements in the world’s geography.

World Map with Equator and Prime Meridian

The Equator is something that divides the earth into two equal parts. One of these parts becomes Southern Hemisphere and the other is Northern Hemisphere. You can explore all such interesting facts about the earth equator in the article ahead. A printable world map with an equator is useful for all geography lovers.


Well, the Earth’s equator and countries are interrelated as one defines the other. The Equator divides the earth in two parts and constitutes the countries. The Equator is an imaginary line which draws the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. These two hemispheres are completely opposite from each other.

World Map with Equator and Tropic of Cancer

The Hemispheres vary from each other in the terms of geography. Further, these hemispheres have different continents. Consequently, we have different countries in different continents of the world. This is why the concept of earth’s geography starts from the Equator.


It’s equator in itself which forms the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. In fact, there are some countries that are exactly located on the Equator line. Another interesting fact about the equator is that the earth is widest on the equator. The total distance of the earth from the equator is around 40075 km.

So, this is how the earth is basically defined by the equator in the world map. Readers can explore the whole dimension of the earth by using the map

World Map with Equator and Countries

It all starts from the equator in fact the whole earth begins from the equator. The Equator draws the hemisphere and then countries. Moreover, the map also shows the longitudes of the country from the equator. We believe our map would enhance the understanding of readers for equators and countries. Once the readers understand the concept then they can use this knowledge in the desired way.


World Map with Equator and Continents

So, at last here is our template of a world map with equator and countries. The templates are available to print for all our readers. They can use it in their school education or just as casual learning. Furthermore, the map template is available in various digital formats such as word, pdf, etc. It means you can explore the earth in a more defined manner.


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