Printable Map of Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States and is located in the Mid-Atlantic region. The state is bordered by Maryland to the south and west, Pennsylvania to the north, and New Jersey to the east. The state is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, parks, and historical sites. In this essay, we will provide you with a Printable Map of Delaware, as well as 20 fun facts about the First State.

Printable Map of Delaware


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A Printable Map of Delaware can be a useful resource for visitors who are looking to explore the state. The map can help visitors navigate their way around the state’s various attractions and landmarks. A Printable Map of Delaware can be easily found online or at various visitor centers across the state. The map is also available in a variety of formats, including PDF, JPG, and PNG.

The Printable Map of Delaware typically includes major cities, highways, and tourist attractions. Some popular tourist attractions in Delaware include the Delaware Museum of Natural History, the Brandywine Zoo, and the Delaware Art Museum. The map also includes important cities such as Wilmington, Dover, and Newark.

  1. Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution on December 7, 1787, and is known as the “First State”.
  2. The state is named after the Delaware River, which was named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr.
  3. The state is only 96 miles long and 35 miles wide, making it the second smallest state in the United States.
  4. The official state colors of Delaware are colonial blue and buff.
  5. The state bird is the Blue Hen Chicken, which is known for its fighting ability.
  6. Delaware is the only state in the United States without any national parks.
  7. The state is home to the country’s first scheduled steam railroad, the New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad, which began operation in 1831.
  8. Delaware is the birthplace of both former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.
  9. The Delaware River is the longest free-flowing river on the East Coast of the United States.
  10. The Delaware Memorial Bridge, which connects Delaware and New Jersey, is the second longest twin suspension bridge in the world.
  11. The state’s official flower is the peach blossom.
  12. The first log cabins in the United States were built in Delaware by Swedish settlers in the 1600s.
  13. The University of Delaware is the largest university in the state, with an enrollment of over 24,000 students.
  14. Delaware has no sales tax, making it a popular shopping destination for people from neighboring states.
  15. The state is home to the Dover International Speedway, which hosts two NASCAR races each year.
  16. The town of Milton is known as the “Holly Capital of the World” for its production of holly wreaths.
  17. The state’s official insect is the ladybug.
  18. Delaware is the only state in the United States with no commercial airport.
  19. The first beauty pageant in the United States was held in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, in 1880.
  20. The world’s largest frying pan is located in Selbyville, Delaware and can hold 200 gallons of oil.

In conclusion, Delaware may be small, but it is packed with history and interesting facts. A Printable Map of Delaware can be a helpful tool for visitors to explore the state’s various attractions and landmarks. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or shopping, Delaware has something to offer for everyone. So why not plan a trip to the First State and discover all that it has to offer

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