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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Qatar in PDF

Map of Qatar is best for anyone who is willing to learn and practice the geographical features of the country. The given map is in pdf format, you can check your ability, access any location, gather information for your research, and study by using them. Also many times we require a blank map for practice, for this download the pdf format and use it.

Blank Map of Qatar


On the west coast of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is an independent emirate with a total land area of 11,627 km2 and a population of 3,009,000. The capital city of the country is Doha(Al Dawha in Arabic).

The UAE is a literate country with a literacy rate of 97% and Arabic is the official language. It is an Islamic country with 68% of Muslims and other minorities as Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, are also found.

Labeled Map of Qatar


Qatar has a rectangular shape with 160 km north to south and 80 km east to west. It shares a boundary with only one nation and that is Saudi Arabia. Island country Bahrain lies at a distance of 40km from Qatar.

Most of the landmass is flat low lying and Abu-al-Bawl Hill is the highest peak with 103 meters. Qatar follows a hot and humid climate from June to September, the highest temperature is 50 degrees centigrade. April, May, October, and November are springs, and temperature ranges from 17 degrees centigrade.

Printable Map of Qatar:


The given map reveals the international borders of the country which is Saudi Arabia and rests 3 sides are coastal areas, the capital of the country, and important cities. These maps can be downloaded for free, without paying any cost. Use them for your geographical activities, color them, and enhance your knowledge.

Qatar Map with States:


On the Arab peninsula, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a desert country, its most parts are barren and dry. There is also very limited water supply and the possibility of farming is very less only about 5% of the land is used for date palm plantations.

Get the labeled map of Qatar with its major cities, towns, provinces on the given map. It will be helpful in studying Qatar’s physical and geographical condition as well as in the Gulf peninsula.


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