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If you are a student and studying the geography of Panama, then a Map of Panama will help you in understanding details of the geography of the country. Panama is situated in South America as well as Central America. Its most part is in Central America on the Isthmus of Panama. Also, this country works as a landbridge between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This is also the reason that North America is connected with South America through the land. Colombia and Costa Rica form boundary of the country.

Blank Map of Panama:


The country is worldwide known for Panama Canal which is built in 1914, it is a man-made canal for large ships.

This canal is used to connect and link the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic) with the Pacific Ocean. It is an artificial passage for transport ships and its administration is owned by the Republic of Panama. Until 1999 United States has its control over this canal and is one of the unique and strategic waterways in the world (the other is the Suez Canal in Egypt).

Labeled Map of Panama:


Panama occupies an area of 74,177 km² with a total population of 4 million. Panama city is the capital of the country and use Spanish as their official language.

A study about the reliefs shows that Panama is mostly mountainous, covered by rainforest and jungle. The highest elevation is located in the west, near the border with Costa Rica, is Volcán Barú, an active stratovolcano with an elevation of 11,460 feet.

Panama Map with States:


The population is mixed of Spanish and Indian ancestry and three-fourths of the population is Panamanians. The economy of Panama is highly dependent on  Mainly, the economy of Panama is dependent on the services sector which includes banking, Panama Canal, coastal ports, medical and health services.

Printable Map of Panama:


Explore the information of the country using given labeled maps. If you find drawing a map difficult just download the PDF format and use them. This is the era of the internet we search everything over it, getting a printable map is also not a task these days.

This printable labeled pdf form of map ensures that the student gains a wider knowledge about the country’s geography details.

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