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Learn about one of Africa’s poorest country Guinea Bissau, with a map of Guinea Bissau, it is different from the neighboring country Guinea in many aspects. You will get to know about this country with help of the given maps. These will definitely help you in enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Blank Map of Guinea Bissau


On the Atlantic coast, Guinea Bissau is situated in western Africa. Bissau is the capital of the country, which it uses along with the name to distinguish it from its neighbor Guinea. This country is located between Senegal and Guinea, and the Atlantic Ocean from the west.

The total area of the Island is 36,125 kilometer square with a population of 1.8 million people. River Senegal with the River Gambia is the source of drainage system with their tributaries. Coastal areas are drowned large network of Rias.

Guinea Bissau Map with States


There is 88 islands and islets termer as Bijagos combinedly are the jewel of Guinea Bissau. From these islands, only 20 are inhabited year-round and Bubaque is the most populated and administrative capital.

Guinea Bissau is also a Cashew Coast and exports a large amount of it worldwide. Due to the large source of rivers with their estuaries ports and docks are available which facilitates exports. 71% of the landmass is forest and is the third most forested country in Africa after Gabon and Seychelles. This is also evidence of West African wildlife like pikas, monkeys, giraffe.

Labeled Map of Guinea Bissau


The available landmass for agriculture provides employment to 80% of the population and cashew is the main crop. The hot, rainy season, are the seasons seen in the Guinea Bassai, whereas in the interior part of Guinea climate is tropical savanna.

Printable Map of Guinea-Bissau


About two-fifths of the population is Muslim. Fulani is the largest ethnic group with 28%, Balanta at 23%, and Mandinka at 15%. World’s largest nomadic pastoral people group is also found in Guinea Bissau and is Fula. Hope the given information is very useful for you, download these for your utmost usefulness.

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