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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Grenada in PDF

Map of Grenada will explain you about the country which is actually an Island. Grenade’s second name is the Isle of Spice is an Island situated in West Indies. This Island country is 160 km away from north of the coast of Venezuela in the eastern Caribbean sea. It is about 34 km long and 19km wide.

Blank Map of Grenada:

Blank Map of Grenada


It consists of about 20 islands but most of the population is settled in Grenada. Other towns are the capital St. George’s, Grenville, and Gouyave with the largest settlement on island Hillsborough.

This country has volcanic nature and has a wide range of mountains. The west region is comparatively steeper than the east and southeast which has inclined. Mount St. Catherine is the highest point with 840 meters. Landscapes are very scenic with steep-sided valleys and a large forest with an area of 4,000 hectares.

Grenada Map with States:

Grenada Map with States


Drainage sytem is very simple and clean water is supplied with pipes except of this Grand Etang lake which covers area of 36 acres. Climate of temperature is very constant with an average of 28 °C.

Most of the population is descendent of African slaves and East Indians. Half of the population is Protestant and 2/3rd are Roman Catholic. Their economy is dependent on agriculture and tourism and depends on United Kingdom for financial support.

Labeled Map of Grenada:

Labeled Map of Grenada


Cocoa, bananas, nutmeg, and mace are the major agricultural crops that are exported in the United kingdom. The animal life is varied and includes such wild animals as the mona monkey , the manicou, the agouti, the iguana, the mongoose, and a variety of turtles and land crabs.

Printable Map of Grenada:

Printable Map of Grenada


Map of Grenada is in pdf form and easy to download and use for practice. Researchers and students always want some easy formats to use. Few of these maps are already labeled  so that you can learn from them, at the same time blank maps are also given so that you can practice your learnings. Download these maps and use them for further studies and research. Doing so will help you and enhance your knowledge related with Grenada Island. URL URL
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