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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Afghanistan in PDF

With the help of a map of Afghanistan get to learn about the country which is part of South Central Asia. The present boundary line of the country is formed in the 19th century. Definitely, you will get help in your studies and research with the given maps.

Blank Map of Afghanistan


Afghanistan is landlocked, there is no sea or water around it. The nearest cost line is the Arabian Sea on the south at 480 km. Pakistan bounds it with the south and east, it includes the area Pakistan has administered but claimed by India, Iran on the West, and by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan on the north. Also, it shares a very small area with China.

Afghanistan Map with States


The drainage system of the country is inside the country as it has no seashore borders. Only the eastern rivers reach the sea by traveling 83,000 km. Kabul river provides the main drainage system to the country and then flows to the Indus River of Pakistan and empties into the Arabian Sea of the Indian ocean. The other major drainage systems for the countries are the Amu Darya, Helmand, Kābul, and Harīrūd.

Labeled Map of Afghanistan:


The climate of Afghanistan is a typical semiarid steppe climate, extremely cold in winters and hot in summers. Some localities rise to 49 °C in summers and may fall to −15 °C in winters. Kabul is also the capital and located on an elevation of 1800 meters recorded −31 °C in winters.

The large part of the country is totally mountainous, the northeast regions and the central regions of the country is highly covered with the Hindu Kush mountain range. Southern Afghanistan can be divided into 4 major regions and these are Kabul, Kandahār, Herāt, and Ḥazārajāt.

Printable Map of Afghanistan:


The arable land that it does have, Afghanistan has many arable lands and produces some of the world’s best products, including pomegranates, almonds, apricots, and poppy.

In terms of its demographics, Afghanistan has just about 31 million people, or roughly a little bit smaller than the size of Canada. A slight majority of these people identify as ethnically Pashtun, or people from the Pashtun tribe. Pashtun language is used by mostly majority also known as Pashto.

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