Kentucky Outline Map

When it comes to learning about the geography of a state, one of the best resources is an outline map. An outline map provides a simplified view of a state’s geography, showing its major cities, rivers, lakes, and other features without getting bogged down in the details. For students and researchers alike, a blank map of Kentucky can be an invaluable tool for exploring the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky Outline Map


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Kentucky, located in the southeastern United States, is known for its horse racing, bourbon distilleries, and natural beauty. It is bordered by seven states, including Virginia to the east, Tennessee to the south, and Ohio to the north. The state is divided into 120 counties and covers an area of 40,409 square miles. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of Kentucky and how they can be explored using an outline map.

One of the first things that stands out when looking at a blank map of Kentucky is the concentration of cities in the northern part of the state. The largest of these is Louisville, located on the banks of the Ohio River. With a population of over 600,000, Louisville is not only the largest city in Kentucky, but also one of the largest in the Midwest. It is known for its Kentucky Derby horse race, as well as its thriving arts and cultural scene.

Other major cities in Kentucky include Lexington, the state’s second largest city and the “Horse Capital of the World,” Bowling Green, home to the Corvette Museum, and Covington, which sits just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. By looking at an outline map of Kentucky, it is easy to see how these cities are connected by major highways and interstates, as well as the winding Ohio River.

Moving beyond the cities, Kentucky can be roughly divided into five distinct regions: the Bluegrass, the Eastern Mountains, the Western Coalfields, the Pennyroyal Plateau, and the Jackson Purchase. Each of these regions has its own unique landscape, geology, and history. For example, the Bluegrass region, located in the central part of the state, is known for its fertile soil and rolling hills, as well as its historic horse farms. The Eastern Mountains, on the other hand, are characterized by rugged terrain and dense forests, making them popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Waterways and Landforms

In addition to its cities and regions, Kentucky is also home to a number of significant waterways and landforms. The Ohio River, which forms Kentucky’s northern border with Ohio and Indiana, is one of the most important commercial waterways in the United States, carrying goods and materials from as far west as Montana to as far east as Pennsylvania. The Ohio River is also an important source of recreation for Kentuckians, with fishing, boating, and camping opportunities aplenty.

Within Kentucky itself, there are numerous rivers and lakes that provide a range of recreational activities. For example, Lake Cumberland, located in the south-central part of the state, is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and swimming. The Big South Fork of the Cumberland River, located in the eastern part of the state, is known for its whitewater rafting and rock climbing opportunities.

Kentucky is also home to a number of notable landforms, including Mammoth Cave, the longest known cave system in the world, and the Red River Gorge, a scenic canyon that is popular with hikers and rock climbers. By using an outline map of Kentucky, it is easy to see the locations of these natural wonders and plan a trip to explore them.


In conclusion, a blank map of Kentucky can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore the Bluegrass State. By using an outline map, it is possible to get a broad overview of the state’s geography, including its major cities, regions, waterways, and landforms. This can help researchers and students better understand the state’s history, economy, and natural beauty.

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