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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Liechtenstein in PDF

All users who are willing to learn the geography of Liechtenstein, then he/ she should view the Given Map of Liechtenstein. This map is very useful and an interactive source to learn the complete geography of this beautiful country along with map drawing skills. Liechtenstein is a country situated in Central Europe and officially designated as the Principality of Liechtenstein. Situated in the Alps and southwest of Central Europe, this country is a German-speaking micro-state. Liechtenstein shares borders with Switzerland in the west and south.

It shares borders with Austria in the east and north. Liechtenstein is considered as the fourth smallest country in Europe with an area slightly more than 160 square kilometers or 62 square miles. The country has a population count of 38,749 people.

Blank Map of Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the main and capital city of Liechtenstein and is the only two doubly land-locked countries on the globe along with Uzbekistan. This economically rich country has one of the highest GDP per person, across the world. The country is Alpine and full of mountainous making it one of the favorite tourist destinations for winter sports.


The Liechtenstein blank map outline is for the users who are planning to draw the full and accurate map of the country but do not have the desired skill. With this blank Liechtenstein outline map, new learners can get started easily and learn to draw the map of the country. The map provides an outlined structure of the country to complete the task in a hassle-free way.

Labeled Map of Liechtenstein


In this modern scenario of map using, the demand for printable maps is very high, since users do not have sufficient time to draw the map on their own or get one from the market. But it is always possible for the user to make the job easy by gaining access to a fully printable map template of Liechtenstein, which is readily and easily available.

Liechtenstein Map with States


If the user intends to view Liechtenstein’s geographical objects in a transparent form rather than the solid form, he or she should keep a PNG transparent map of the country. In PNG it is possible for the user to have a transparent view of all the objects situated in the country. The transparent PNG Liechtenstein map provides depth knowledge about the major geographical details of the country.

Printable Map of Liechtenstein

If the user prefers to check his/ her knowledge of the geography of Liechtenstein, then the user should download and keep the practice worksheet of the country’s map. This worksheet will help to assess his or her knowledge and assists in boosting the knowledge by finding and then strengthening the weak points.


This worksheet can also be used in schools for the students to learn the geography of Liechtenstein. They can practice repeatedly and regularly to work on these worksheets by answering the questions and hence gaining confidence to face any examination or classroom test.

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