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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Guyana in PDF

This is about only English-speaking countries in South America, get more about it with help of this map of Guyana. Countries of South America are very diversified and have distinct features. Learn about the countries with our given maps, this particular article will help you to learn about Guyana. It will also be helpful if you are learning about the neighborhood countries.

Blank Map of Guyana


The Atlantic Ocean from North, Suriname from the east, Brazil from the southwest, and Venezuela towards the west forms the boundary lines of Guyana. The capital city of Guyana is Georgetown and also it the chief port of the country.

Courantyne, Berbice, Demerara, and Essequibo are the four main rivers of the country which floes from the south and empty into the Atlantic ocean. These rivers with their tributaries get water from the river Amazon and Orinoco.

Guyana Map with States


Lands that are equatorial lowlands have very high temperatures with heavy rainfall follows small differences in the season, i.e, high humidity with clouds.

If we talk about the native animal’s Tapir is the largest mammal along with it Jaguar can also be seen, and monkeys and deer are the most common animals.

Labeled Map of Guyana


The largest ethnic group of the country is Indo-Guyanese whose are descends from India came as slaves to work in agricultural fields. Now They are doing well in agricultural trade.

Though the official language of the country is English, still you can Creole Patois is used thoroughly by the population along with these Hindi and Urdu can be heard among older Indo-Guyanese. Major religion followed by the population is Christianity and Hinduism.

Printable Map of Guyana:


Download and print these maps to use according to your need. You may be in need to paste somewhere or submit in your assignments. These Guyana maps will fulfill all your needs, choose them accordingly. Here we have given, printable, labeled, and PDF forms of the Guyana map. Learn about the lands, relieves, the drainage system of the country with these maps. Maps are always helpful in understanding the geographical condition of any place.


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