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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Brazil in PDF

Learn and understand about Brazil with this given free printable labeled map of Brazil. The officially¬†Federative Republic of Brazil and is one of the largest countries in the continent of South America. The Borderline of Brazil touches almost every country of South America accept of Chile and Ecuador. If we talk about the population it is number five in the world with one-third of Latin American’s

Blank Map of Brazil

Blank Map Of Brazil
Abstract vector color map of Brazil country


These mountains are not either very high or very low. In the north Amazon basin and in the southwest along the upper part of Paraguay’s basic there are no wide plain and are exceptional. There are 5 divisions of Brazil the Highlands, the grate Escarpment, coastal region, the plains, and the island group.

Brazil Map with States:

Brazil Map With States


An extensive plateau is found in the southern Highlands of Brazil. It is differently described as Brazilian Highland or Brazilian shield or Brazilian plateau

Venezuela is The main part of Guyana Highland extended up to French Guyana in Brazil it also cover other states which are Roraima, Para, and Amapa in North.

Labeled Map of Brazil:

Printable Map Of Brazil


The lower part of these Highland is found in Brazil but the Highland peak of Brazil piku de neblina is 3014 meters high and lies on the border between Brazil and Venezuela

The Highland gradually slope toward North and slopes are not very steepy. The tributaries of Amazon flowing through this reason make Rapids and waterfalls.

Printable Map of Brazil:

Printable Map Of Brazil


A number of River take off from the terminal portion of the Highland and flow northward to meet the Atlantic Ocean. Some major Rivers like Uruguay, Paraguay, and Parana originate from the southern slope of the Highland and enter Argentina.

Brazil has a coastline of about 7400 kilometers. One may divide that into 2 parts namely the northern and eastern coast. The northern coast extends from Amapa province in the North to Rio de Grande Norte in the East. This can be called the North Atlantic coast.

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