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Free Printable Labeled and Blank Map of Belgium in PDF

Learn about the map of Belgium with the given Free Printable Labeled and Blank map of Belgium in PDF. Belgium is a small mostly low elevation country in Western Europe. Out of its total population of 11 million, mostly Roman Catholic people roughly 40 percent are French-speaking walloons and 60 percent are Dutch-speaking Flemish people.Belgium is bordered by France to its west The Netherlands to its north Germany to its east and by Luxembourg to its southeast.

Belgium Map with States


Belgium has a short coastline along the north sea and shares a maritime border with the United Kingdom. Due to its location right between France and Germany. Belgium was the site of several horrendous battles during both World Wars. One and World War two that caused great damage there. Belgium was part of the kingdom of the Netherlands up until it gained independence in 1830, and that’s why much of traditional Belgian architecture seemed so reminiscent of that country.

During the 19th and 20th centuries. Belgium was a major colonial power and the kingdom controlled a huge amount of territory in southern Africa. Today Belgium is the center of the international diamond trade and is an industrialized country with a high standard of living. Belgium’s largest city and the national capital is Brussels seen here.

Blank Map of Belgium


Brussels is also the headquarters of the European Union a powerful political alliance promoting free trade and freedom of movement within its member countries. Belgium itself is a constitutional monarchy with a federal parliamentary system of government. Politically, the nation is divided into three main regions. Dutch-speaking Flanders in the North French-speaking Wallonia in the south and the small Brussels capital region that surrounds that city.

Labeled Map of Belgium


In Belgium significant ethnic tensions exist between its French and Dutch speaking people mainly over issues of economic and social equality.Geographically Belgium consists of three main regions. The first is its flat coastal plain in the north. The second is its intermediary slightly elevated central plateau and the third region is the Ardan Uplands in its southeast.

Printable Map of Belgium:


This hilly territory is by far the most forested region in the country and is where some of the most bloody battles of world war one and world war two were fought Belgium’s two main rivers are the shelt and the muse. The country as a whole has a fairly mild maritime climate with moderate precipitation throughout the year.

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