Latest Updated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Map of US (United States)

Based on the statistics of Coronavirus Map in the US, there is a continuous growth of confirmed cases of COVID-19. This trend of growth in the disease is being under constant monitoring by the US government. At present, a mild form of this illness is being experienced in about eighty percent of patients. In several cases, very little or no medication is needed. According to health experts, it has been found that mostly elderly people who are suffering from conditions, like heart, lung issues and diabetes are the most vulnerable to Covid-19. According to a study of the government of China, the death rate recorded due to coronavirus was found to be exceeding 72,000. The percent of deaths reported was 14.8%.

COVID-19 Map of USA

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Map of US

But, in the US, the latest reports reveal that there are 124,065 confirmed cases of Covid-19. The death recorded so far is 2,182. This statistic refers to the updated figures indicated by Johns Hopkins CSSE on March, 28, 2020.

Coronavirus Map of USA Latest Update

Coronavirus Map of USA Latest Update

Based on the latest Coronavirus Map of US and Case Count, the death rate has spiked twice after Thursday, and sadly continues to increase. According to reports, deaths have occurred even in hundreds in Michigan, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and in other states. Coronavirus Map of US reveals the data of locations county wise. The size of the circles on the map, depict the number of people who have positive corona virus. It may not indicate the place from where the disease has been infected. Treatment for people who had journeyed overseas was provided in Texas, Nebraska and California.

USA Map of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

USA Map of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to increased deaths, the governors across the US, are making efforts to provide ventilators and request all residents to be safe at home. As the infection rate is believed to enhance, makeshift medical centers are being converted into, from convention centers. Even hospital ships are treating patients, while in some places travellers of other states are being screened.

Latest Coronavirus USA Map- 1 April-2020

USA Map of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

According to last Saturday evening report, nearly 123,072 people in the US have been positively affected for COVID-19. This report is based on a news bulletin released by the database of New York Times.

Map of Infected Coronavirus (COVID-19) USA

USA Map of Coronavirus

The outbreak of this deadly virus in the US, seems to appear completely different from what it was a month back. The present known cases are more than those in Italy or China. In early March 2020, the limited testing facility in the US, indicated only seventy positive corona virus patients. It was mainly linked to their travel history abroad.  Since the increase in testing facility made available at present, nearly eighteen states in the US have reported more than 1,000 confirmed map of covid cases in us. This includes Indiana, which states on Saturday that the death toll rose to 31.

USA Map of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Life throughout the US has changed in a profound and swift manner as numbers of confirmed map of cases of coronavirus usa have changed to hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands. College courtyards, including playgrounds in schools now are deserted, and people are advised to stay indoors. Barber shops and nail salons are under forced closure.

Map of Coronavirus in USA by State

USA Map of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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